Copy Editing!

So my beta testing changes have all been made.  Big props out to P_Tigres and FariyGodfeather in the CoG forums for going above and beyond and finding more coding errors than i ever conceived there could be.  Thank you!  For everyone else, thank you as well– while i’ll not be implementing every change every beta suggested, i did find things from each beta worth knowing/changing/adjusting and i really appreciate all the effort.  You guys made the game better, thank you.


That being said, WW:U2 is officially ‘done’ on my end.  yay!  Now, i don’t know how long it will be in copy editing, so i’m gonna assume at least a week or two.  After that, it’s all about making plan with CoG for a release date, which i’m going to assume, giving the timeline will probably be in late September or October.  When i have an exact date, i will let u guys know.  ^_^


Now i know you all are immediately going to start asking about WW:U3 and THAT release date. XD  Well i just want to let you know that i’ve got all my notes done up, and the vast majority of the plot end of things is all laid out, just needs to be written.  It’s a bit of a tangle, i’ll admit, but since i’ve nailed down exactly whats happening it shouldn’t be too bad.  It WILL take some time though, as i must get working on the sequel to the Tazu novel ASAP and have that either done or nearly done in the next 6 months before the first one comes out so i can keep to my publisher’s schedule.  (and trust me, none of u want to wait two years for THAT cliffhanger XD )  So i’m going to see how it goes and do my best to get things rolling as quickly as possible.  But in all reality it’ll probably be at least another year before we see WW:3.  Keep Calm, and just reread the first two (and the novel!) in the meanwhile ^_^


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