KIttles for Sale!

That’s right, you’ve been asking for them, and now we’re officially accepting orders for custom-made kittles!  ^_^

Image  We’ve two types, the Stuffed Kittle (on top) and the Kittle Dolls (the gray in front).  Both are customizable, so we can change colors and fabric type to suit your ideas.  Kittle Dolls have a base price of $20 USD (PLUS shipping): this includes a stiff felt body with multiple textures for shell and belly, glass eyes and a plastic nose.  Stuffed Kittles base price is $45 USD (PLUS shipping): this includes a nice high quality soft felt body, a shell of soft fabric in another color/pattern, glass eyes, a plastic nose and a stitched mouth. You can add-in additional fabrics, a soft belly, fuzzy ears and a variety of customizations at additional cost: Just ask!

To order your custom kittle, email:

tell us which type, an what kids of customizations you want, as well as shipping information.  once we’ve settled on the design and shipping price has been confirmed, you will pay for your kittle and production will begin.  We won’t start work until payment is received–so feel free to inquire without pressure to buy.

We currently only accept paypal.  


We’ll also be posting ready-made kittles in the store section soon: Way Walkers Store Page


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