Some updates, changes, and possibilities.

So i’ve been line-editing Tangled Paths the last few weeks along with my lovely crew over at Red Adept.  It’s been a cool process, and i’m learning a lot.  Things are going on schedule and we might even release before the March 2014 date, but no promises.  I will let you guys know if we release early, though. 😉  Because Red uses an outside printer, the print books for Tangled Paths are going to run around the $20 rage, so keep that in mind.  Ebooks will of course be considerably cheaper, though i’ve not gotten an exact estimate yet, i’d assume well under $10.  I will also be purchasing books myself for fans to buy directly from me; these will all be signed.  😉 There’s also a good chance once Tangled Paths is released that i will begin attending conventions with my fellow Red Adept authors– if that is the case i will start posting dates and places so you guys can finally come visit, and i can thank you personally for all the great support.  ^_^


WW:U3 is getting picked at very slowly, but i try and add a little bit to it each week.  I’m in the middle of the high craft fair season, so a  lot of my free time has been spent working on jewelry and such to replace sold inventory.  The last show is on Dec 1rst, so after that i hope the regular writing times will pick up again.  On another note, it seems like a lot of ppl will be getting kittles for the holidays, as no ones really showed much interest in buying them. >.<; (we’ve only sold one)


So that it for now, though i will say there’s some other stuff in the works, but i’m not going to say what until i’m sure it will happen.  So hang onto your seats, folks, Way Walkers is just getting started.


j. leigh


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