Lazy Day (finally)

We’re finally moved in. The bathrooms are done. most of the boxes are unpacked. There’s not a single room we’ve not touched in someway, and still this home will always have a project for us. But, for now, i can take a breath, take a rest, and crack open my laptop for the first time since January. In August, it will be two years since i’ve worked in earnest on WWU:3. In August, i plan to pick it up again. In the meanwhile i must gather my notes and outlines for the third book in the Tazu saga, as well as meet more with MJ to solidify our plans for the later half of the year. I’m having steroid injections into my back and neck in mid June, to fix the massive amount of pain ive been in since October in my back, and finally restore my hands from last year. I plan on doing camp Nanowrimo in July, to push myself back into what i love.

I must learn to write again.

~j. leigh


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