A Red Mess

So, summer is nearing an end. I’ve been working hard for most of it, adding nearly 50k to the third book in the Tazu Saga all while picking through my notes for WW:U3. And then going over them again. And again. And then searching. And then searching some more. And i have sadly, come to the conclusion that somewhere along the line in the last two years, an entire notebook detailing the circumstances surrounding Illyan Gesis’s mystery has gone completely missing. I have searched. I have brainstormed.

And i have no idea where this notebook is, nor the full of what was in it.

I have a general idea of course, a vague outline of what i’d planned, as well as the single ‘cannon ending’ which dictates which version of events affects the history of the Way Walkers novels, but a lot of the details are gone. Poof. Can’t recall them. Which means, as i’ve been dreading since beginning to work on WW:U3 again with MJ Rea, is i’ve got to rework a massive part of WWU:3.  I need to stress this is not an easy thing. I don’t remember where i was going with certain things, which means they might never be answered. I also have to try and sort where i think i might have been going with things from the clues i left behind– and try to recall what were red herrings and what weren’t. I’m hoping i can sort this in between finishing the third Tazu Saga book, so i can work on WW:U3 exclusively for nano this November.

Meanwhile, i have unshackled MJ from working on WW:U3 for the time being, as we keep going in circles not knowing what to do because of these lost notes. (we also delayed making updates and changes to the first two, b/c we didn’t know what would or wouldn’t effect the third’s plot) So, while i try to make sense of the mess, she shall begin work of Way Of the Red.

So, cards on the table: the absolute worst case is no WW:U3 ever, which i don’t think will happen. Most like it’s just going to get delayed more until i decide what i’d been planning, or find a way to narrow down the multitude of branching options into something more sane. I’m genuinely sorry for that, but i’m going to choose to put out nothing over putting out something terrible with plot holes and an overall lack of quality. If we’re lucky, you guys will get both WW:U3 and WoR around the same time. And if not, well at least you’ll get WoR sooner than later.



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