Progress 9/23/15

Tazu Saga:

The content edit notes came back, and then i tossed mine back again, so now content is all done. Book is officially in the que for line editing, but it’s apparently a busy time of the year and RAP is doing very well, so not expecting it to get to line editing in 2015. Which means release will definitely be no sooner than spring 2016. Did get the first draft of the new cover though, and i gotta say, it’s going to be spectacular. 😉

Book three in that series is now above 110k, slowly plodding along. Few plot hole issues at the end i need to sort. Hoping to keep it under 150k. Might save the big push to finish this for Nano in November.


Made some pretty big progress last week on the outline of the book as a whole. Illyan plot seems to be set, so now i just have to buckle down and write the thing. Will need to add in a few more social scenes and class stuff. While this makes me more hopeful that this can get done, its still a very, very big job. I’m not anticipating a quick finish.

Way of the Red (WoR)

Still in a holding pattern waiting on MJ. Scribbling a few notes here and there when i think of things.


Erica Lucke Dean’s Splintered Souls. really, read this, really. SO GOOD.

CoG– “A Wise Use of Time”. A fun one. Recommended.

Home front:

Started teaching again. Glad to be back with the kids, but my back is starting to get upset again. Might need to resort to wearing the brace in class. Ick.  My hands and wrists are doing well. Hope that continues. Also been beading up a storm– my coffee table is covered in beading stuff on one side and Way Walkers notes on the other. XD First big craft fair is on Oct 3rd– only doing a few this year.

Otherwise, I’m doing well. Fall clean up in the yard has been interesting, and my dog an i have been enjoying the cooler weather with long walks. I’m also tempted to buy all of the pumpkin spiced things.

~ J. Leigh


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