Progress 9/4/15

As promised, this is me trying to update more often. 😉

Tazu Saga:

I finished the content edit notes for the second book last week and kicked it back to my content editor. Waiting on them to come back.

Book three in that series got a few tweaks, i think i added about 1k words. Not much, but important stuff.


Got an outline for the first chapter of the story. Precognition class, followed by deciding on a course of action for dealing with Illyan, followed by a birthday party, followed by recruiting help for said illyan-plan. After that, it gets hazy. XD however, i’m fleshing out those early scenes and getting back into the rhythm of *choicescript writing. good times.

Way of the Red (WoR)

In a holding pattern waiting to touch base again with MJ. Scribbling a few notes here and there when i think of things.


Decided to add this for fun. Read through two RAP books by Erica Lucke Dean– To Katie with Love and Suddenly Sorceress. Recommended if you like romantic comedies in book form. Good stuff. Also picked up CoGs “So you’re Possessed” and “A Wise Use of Time”. Haven’t read Time yet, but Possessed was a fun little romp. Little limited with the replay value, but the story so far has been very creative, and i’m likely to pick up the sequel when it comes out. Recommended.

Home front:

To be honest, its been a rough couple of weeks, with a lot of ups and downs. Trying to gather myself before i start teaching classes again next week. Also doing heavy beading work for the craft fair season which will officially start for me and my partner on Oct 3. Hoping my wrists will hold out, but over all my pain’s been MUCH better since the early summer. (part of why i’ve been writing so much more again– yay!)

~ J. Leigh


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