I know, its been a while.

August was when i last wrote a blog post, and sadly, i don’t have a lot to update, as it’s been a really rough fall into winter. I wont go into the depths of it, but as my loyal fans know i don’t deal too great with stress and there’s been a lot of it over here in the US of A. Top it off with a death in the family back in July, and missing that person terribly over the holiday season, and i’ve just been kinda hibernating.


But the hibernation isn’t without some progress. As some of you will remember, i did manage to throw another 40k words into WW:U3 back in November, and while it’s still no where near done, its a step in the right direction. my real issue has been book three of the Tazu saga where i hit a plot hole wall going about 100 miles an hour back in August and hadn’t been able to slip past it to save may life. FINALLY, now, i think i’ve got the solution, so it’s just going to take me a few good sessions to write it all out. No idea how long that will take. XD Still, i’m making this promise– when Tazu 3 is done i’m picking up WW:U3 again and not stopping until that’s done. really. Promise.


I just might have to move houses in the interim. >_<



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