Camp NaNo April

So, the theme for Camp Nano this time around isn’t a word count but rather “finish the Tazu Saga third book at all costs” and then “attack WW:U3 with a vengeance”. Wish me luck and all that, at this point i make no promises to no one and just hope for the best. >.<


That being said, current word count for Tazu #3 is 161,934 words and WW:U3 is sitting at a whopping 123,131 (counting code) and i’d say it’s about 1/3 done. For comparison’s sake, the first WW:U was about 115k, and number two was closer to 130k if i remember correctly. My goal at the end of the month is to have *most* of the currently mapped out scenes done– of which there are 17, of which only 4 are ‘done’.  If i can get that number up to about 10 done and seven unfinished, i can then FINALLY get into the heavy-duty structuring of what will be the rise into the climaxes, and then finally, plotting out the ruddy climax scenes. If i can get there, i can officially claim to be halfway done the silly thing. It’s a big baby, always has been, and i’m doing the best i can.


Also, at some point i am planning to spelunk back into WW:U1 &2 to make a few larger editing changes, the primary of which will be more gender options than to be male/female, as well as clean up a few glaring plot holes with some basic tweeks. My goal is to release that update before WW:U3 hits but it’s a long ways off so we’ll see.


Anyways, that’s the plan, so in the meanwhile, enjoy my first snapchat.


~j. leigh


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