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I’ve had a rough month. Got very sick the end of March, then injured my back so i’ve been bedridden for about two weeks, and now, getting sick again. *sigh* Anyways,  because of all of this, my NaNo plans are pretty much out the window, so i thought i’d give you guys a little teaser of what *was* done. I’m still plugging along, just not at the pace i wanted. *sigh*  Anyways, enjoy!


This is a scene from the birthday party, specifically if you are part of the theater club:


“Oh,” you say with a start, bringing out the next card and reading it. “Some help I beg, to turn this tide, perhaps, perhaps from my faithful Guide!”


Semryu flounces onto the stage.


Dressed as a Guide in a long, oversized set of pale blue robes he’s absolutely drowning in, with a set of gigantic gossamer wings bedecked in sequins affixed to his back and a halo complete with rhinestone ‘beams’ of light flaring out from it away from his head, he looks completely ridiculous. There’s a wave of giggling throughout the room as he strikes a pose, hands on his hips and chin pointed up toward Kess.


“Fear not!” he bellows, not sounding the least bit guide-like and more Semryu being boastful. “Your love-Guide has appeared! I’ll tell you what to say so she’ll get all flustered and fall madly in love. But not so in love she falls off the balcony.”


“That’s not the line!” Kess hisses in a whisper across the stage at him.




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