Clan Lands Halloween preview

I swear, the Clan portion of the Halloween DLC has become a study in me seeing just how much I can freak out Jun/Kess. >_<;


Anyways, enjoy!

A yellow lantern hangs above, rocking slowly on its pole. A crude sign lays below it, clearly legible but no less anxiety-inducing. Jun makes an audible gulp as the three of you silently read it.



“Really?” Jun edges close to the rim of the pit, craning her neck to peer into the darkness. “It goes on forever! They can’t expect us to just… jump!”

“I kind of think they do.” Ay’cure let out a nervous chuckle, his face drawn in a forced grin as he, too, stares into the pit. “I mean, we can’t get around it.”

“Its just for effect, I bet,” you say, wetting your lips in a bit to convince your friends as well as yourself. “It’s probably magicked to take us to another part of the maze. Just like everything else in here– it’s scary, but it’s not actually dangerous.”

Jun makes a low groan, stepping back form the edge. “I don’t think I can do it.”

Another wail echoes from behind the three of you. It’s distant, but the bamboo rattles, hinting at another reunion with the wailing monster. “We need to go!” Ay’cure tries to get Jun to move forward, but she recoils from the pit, eyes wide with horror.

You decide to….

just jump into the pit and let Jun and Ay’cure sort themselves out.
give Jun a push to get her going– if we don’t hurry, we’re all going to get grabbed.
grab Jun and Ay’cure’s hands and get them to jump together with you– it’ll be less scary for everyone that way.

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