Progress 8/23/15

I’m going to try an make a habit of updating more often, especially when i have a productive day/week.

Tazu Saga:

Content edit notes for the second book came back pretty basic, so that work shall be sort and sweet. I’m already halfway through the first round of changes.

Book three in that series is on hold while i do content of two, standing at a healthy 109k words and climbing. this will be longer than 2, but shorter than 1, hopefully.


Created a new basic outline and scene structure for the Illyan plot line(s). it’s very basic, but i think it will solve some issues we were facing. still have many details to hash out. Wrote the first choice explanation for a scene today. Will fiddle with making more of a skeleton of that scene though out the week.

Way of the Red (WoR)

Had huge brainstorming session with MJ Rea last weekend. Worked out a new stats system, and nailed down the very basic plot and outlining structure. Decided on our ultimate ending as well as a few side ones. Started three skeletons of seances. Looking good.

Home front:

My husband finally caved and bought a weed whacker to trim the edges of our massive yard. This is a purchase he’s been neglecting for months, simply because he hates yard work. (not awesome with a massive yard) The fun of it is once he finally got out there with the thing, he was having so much fun he weed whacked our entire yard. That’s a double lot, a 1/4 an acre mostly grass which we went out with a weed whacker instead of a lawnmower. gotta love him. XD

~ j. leigh


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